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Forex trading made easy! Nomad Markets was built by traders and we know what traders want. We have compiled an all-inclusive suite of charts and tables that will please even the most technical trader. No matter what information you are looking for, with our tools, it is only a tab away. Discover the ease of trading with having everything you need at your fingertips. Our tools are visual and very easy to use.  Anyone can start making more informed and decisive trades from day one.

Market Overview

See the big picture with our featured  market overview. You can keep track of which market is open or closed on a real time map. Keep up with holidays, bank closures, and non-trading days using our  market calendars. Never miss out on significant market news, financial forecasts, or news event again. We provide streaming news right to your dashboard.

Technical Analysis

Discover in-depth analysis on each major currency pair individually.  We offer live quotes, streaming charts, technical indicator studies, pivot points,  and support and resistance levels. We also provide a  trend tracker for each currency that includes Long Term, Intermediate, and Short Term trend indicators. Out technical studies provide for multiple time frames.

Forex Signals

Never miss out on trades again with our Forex Signals. We provide trade ideas and up-to-date data.  All of the tools you need at your fingertips. No more guessing about trends, support and resistance, stop loss, take profit, or pivot points. We provide all of the useful analysis updated in real time. Now you can trade as it was meant to be, fun and hassle-free.

Market Analysis

Drill down into market analysis with  live quotes,  intra-day biggest movers, open sentiment index, heat map,  streaming news, and events. With an analytical approach to the market as a whole, you will be better equipped to handle the micro analysis of individual currencies. In the market analysis you can see which pairs are trending strongest, weakest, or are not moving.

Nomad TV

We are proud to offer you an online channel that you can use  alongside your trading. Sub-channels include Forex & Markets, Forecasts & Analysis, Interviews, Entertainment, Music, and more. This is a feature  we included to provide insight while trading as well as distraction for momentary breaks from the frenzy.


We are constantly creating new training materials to help the beginner and pro alike.  Our training is free for members and non-members. Our goal is to help people become more knowledgeable traders. Those who study with us will be able to use our tools with grater ease and more results.


Our Forex Signals will tell you price levels and stop loss and take profit points. You can use these signals to execute your buy and sell orders. Quickly get a visual picture of the market and the current trend. Our signals are based off of a special blend of indicators, trend direction, price points, and special events. By using our data to get the big picture, you can concentrate on what matters most, making profitable trades.

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